September Digest 2019


Una mattina mi son alzato
O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao
Una mattina mi son alzato
E ho trovato l’invasor

If my life was a book, September 2019 would flick open to touch for being one of the most thumbed chapters of TMM’s story.

It started off just like any other month but ended with us packing up our 3.5 years of Southampton life for an impromptu move back to London. It was as exciting as it was challenging. Exciting because Nizar bagged a job offer that he had been chasing for months. Challenging because wrapping up a family of three and finding a place to rent in London was a truly exhausting affair.

My sister in law and her family visited us earlier this month from Florida. Aryan basked in their attention, especially that of his cousin sister. They were inseperable, and as thick as thieves. We were also lucky to have my choto khala over for a few days all the way from Dhaka.

Currently Watching
We binge watched Money Heist S1-3 this month with an obsession that has been missing from our Netflix lives for a while. If you know me, you know I have a huge crush on Spain – their sexy food and fun lifestyle is something many European countries seem to largely lack. I also love languages and would have really enjoyed watching the show in native Spanish but Nizar wasn’t convinced.

Currently Reading

Feminists Don’t wear Pink and other Lies by Scarlett Curtis

I have fallen off my reading bandwagon this month as the London move took over every aspect of my life. But whatever I did get to read from Feminists Don’t Wear Pink had me completely engrossed. It’s a collection of personal stories from women of different backgrounds who share their take on feminism. Some of my posts inspired by this book were among some of the most circulated on TMM. Really enjoyed discussing feminism with my followers and hearing about their relationship with the F word.

Currently Trending
At 30, I have finally embraced my natural curls. I am SO done with taming my hair to be something it’s not (goodbye daily blowdries). My work colleagues, some of whom have known me for 7 years, were shocked to see my curls the first day I stormed in with them, 20 minutes late to a very important meeting (#momlife). Talk about making an appearance!

Toddler Update
It was Aryan’s last month at his first daycare. His teachers were in tears when they heard that he will be leaving Southampton. It got me really emotional as well. His teachers were extremely loving and always showered him with tall praises. I shall be forever grateful for their sincere dedication towards my son’s development.

Here are some notes from his teachers:

“Aryan likes to look at the books and shows lots of concentr­ation as he turns the pages. Aryan likes to choose a book and will also sit down with D, L or D to read it to him. Aryan makes the noise of the cow when asked, he is also able to copy the actions in the book such as clapping hands. Aryan is also able to point to his eyes and nose when asked.”

“Aryan showed lots of confiden­ce as he climbed into the playcar and shut the door behind him! Aryan loved pushing the horn smiling as it went beep. Aryan babbled away as D pushed him around the garden. When Aryan had finished playing with the car he climbed out, closed the door behind him and went off to play with the slide!”

“Aryan was very confiden­t playing on the climbing frame in the hungry caterpil­lars playroom­. He was able to climb the stairs independ­ently but needed help to come back down the stairs! Aryan laughed as he crawled through the tunnel after copying his friends. Aryan needed help to go down the slide on the first few times but soon got the hang of it!”

“Aryan loves playing with the balls. Aryan throws the balls and shouts “goal!!!­”. Aryan then chases after them. Aryan tends to only select the red balls. Good luck Aryan and family on your new adventur­e to London!!”



Recipe on Repeat
Insta blogging has given me so much in the way of inspo, food inspo being numero uno. But I don’t think I ever fell harder for a recipe than I did for Sabika Meraj’s kaali mirch chicken. My mother-in-law was Indian and as such her meals had a very heavy Indian/Pakistani influence which Nizar grew up loving. Sabika’s authentic recipe, topped off with julienned ginger and kasoori methi, has become our FAVOURITE chicken curry. I must have cooked it at least four times by now and every time my husband’s eyes lit up with the happiness of a child. Go check out @sabika.meraj and her highlights to find out more about this awesome recipe.

What’s Coming Up?
Getting used to life as a Londoner 2.0. I think it will take a while to get my head around this HUGE adjustment but I am excited to see what the future holds for me and my family.


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