April Digest 2019

April has been a milestone month for me in more ways than one. I waved goodbye to the glorious 20s and officially joined the 30s camp. I got back to work after ten months of maternity leave. The stress of managing work and baby and also pushing forward with that elusive driving license AND keeping this space alive was overwhelming. I repeatedly felt that my brain would explode. Looking back, I am quite proud of making it through this month.

My father-in-law visited us from Jeddah over Easter and we made it to the local newspaper with big smiles, warm clothes and icecream – quite a lovely notion for April. Aryan dipped in and out of daycare and started to slowly settle into his new, mommyless routine.

One of the highlights of the month was seeing The Millennial Ma being featured in Colours, a local Bangladeshi magazine. We also celebrated our first Boishakh as a family of three.

Currently Watching

GOT Season 8! The first episode drove me up the now non-existent wall – after two years of wait, the pace was just. so. slow. The second episode was better aligned with our expectations. And then, FINALLY, the third episode dropped, exceeding every definition of the word ‘epic’. Nizar and I were leaning on each other for support while clinging to the edge of our seats as The Long Night unfolded. It was entertainment in its truest form. Will be sad to see GOT coming to a close.

Currently Reading

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did) by Philippa Perry, which I received as a birthday gift from my friend @drfoodiemum. Psychotherapist Philipa has taken a completely different approach from other parenting books, asking parents to delve into their own childhood. She encourages us to be mindful mummies by exploring and tuning into both our emotions as well as our children’s. Without being preachy, she teaches us to ‘feel’ and not deal with our children, taking the time to validate and contain their feelings for them. I feel like this book has already affected the way I interact with Aryan and I am pretty sure I will be sending out copies to my fellow mom friends. It’s a good read.

Music on Repeat

Other than Wheels on the Bus you mean? That would be Naina de Kya Kasoor from the Bollywood movie Andhadhun. I am a bit late to the game as it has been out since October last year. I am still only stepping out of that potent post birth fog you guys, hence a few steps behind in many things, including updated playlists. There is something about the chorus of this song that makes my heart do a happy dance. The movie itself has made waves in Bollywood. I tried watching it in Dhaka with my sister but fell asleep (sorry Ann).

Wish List

The colour blocking potential of these spring flats from Zara is not to be underestimated. Also, ALL of their polka dotted, floral studded maxi dresses have my name on them. I am obsessed.

Baby update

Aryan is transitioning from ten to eleven months with remarkable skills, Alhamdolillah. He claps his pudgy hands in delight, says uh-oh when he drops his toy and thoroughly enjoys rocking his little body to music. He blew a very drawn out kiss the other day – we are still trying to decide whether it was a fluke. He has taken to lying on top of me in the wee hours of the morning, alternating between different feline positions. I love this little human cat I birthed. My sleep probably has a different opinion.

Recipe on Repeat

Chicken curry is that one dish that gets cooked in our house at least once a week. I switch up the recipes to keep it from becoming boring. Recently, I have started adding in some star anise which turns the everyday chicken curry into something far more exciting. Give it a try!

What’s coming up?

Ramadan! I wont be fasting this time as I am exclusively nursing but no one can keep the piyajus and chola away from moi! In England we fast some really long hours so the advent of Ramadan can sometimes make the most pious of us a little anxious. And yet nothing compares to the joy and beauty that this blessed month brings into our homes and lives. I feel lucky to be alive to witness another Ramadan, another chance to reflect on our faith and work on getting closer to our Creator.


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