Lordington Lavender

The mesmerizing pull of sunny lavender fields has been luring me for a long time. Every July someone’s Facebook post reminds me of this forgotten entry in my bucket list. The fleeting UK summer passes by, and so does the chance to see these stunning flowers in their full glory.

While looking for ideas for day trips near the Hampshire area, I came across a post about lavender fields in and around Hants. I was immediately woke. By a stroke of luck, one of the nearby farms listed in that post was hosting open days in mid-July. I took it as a sign and chalked it down for the weekend.

This once-a-year opportunity to see the lavender up close was pretty special. Dozens of families including mine turned up to brave the open skies and heatwave in true summer spirit. There were two routes to reach the lavender field: on foot or by tractor. We opted for the latter. It was a short but fun ride and made it easy to carry Aryan’s pushchair. On a side note, every time I venture somewhere unconventional with my newborn baby boy, I notice at least two or more mothers who have had the same idea. It always boosts my confidence. I was clearly not putting my baby through unchartered territory. That thought puts my new mum mind at ease.

The first sight of the intense purple mass took our breath away. It was a sight to behold. So grand! I am a city girl at heart but the countryside makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Riding a tractor and walking along a beautiful lavender farm revived the child in me. I grew up reading and LOVING Enid Blyton, obsessing over the British countryside. From my faraway home in Bangladesh, the prospect of farm-centric adventures seemed endless and exciting in Blyton’s stories. My childhood dream shaped up to be a long stay in a British farm feasting on fresh strawberries and cream, gulping down lashings of ginger beer and sleeping on hay beds.

There is some queer but powerful magic in feasting your eyes on rows upon rows of mystically mauve lavender. You cannot help but be pulled to it, feel obliged to run your fingers up and down the scented delights. Unless you are scared of bees…there were hundreds! Observing them buzzing around in earnest confirms that the term busy bee is a brilliant actuality.

I would recommend Lordington Lavender to anyone seeking to get away for a weekend afternoon with friends or family…in summer 2019! I agree it’s a bit of a wait but I shall let our mini vlog and pictures tell you why its kinda worthwhile. Overall the ease of navigating around the farm was commendable: organised car parking, clean portable toilets, a fair fee of £6 per adult (children go free) and some insta-worthy photographs for all you millennial mums and your littles! Soak up the vibrant smells and sights with tea and cakes run by local charities, including homemade lavender delights. I can see this becoming an annual family tradition for us. Till next year, lavender!

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  1. September 16, 2018 / 1:55 pm

    beautiful pictures!

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