The Journey Begins

Hi Guys. Welcome to my mummy blog! 🙂 Here I hope to share musings and discoveries of my pregnancy journey and life as a first time mum. I want to make this a personal diary of sorts, but also a support system, a platform to share thoughts and conversations with other mums and dads.

Over the last 9 months, I have reflected upon the procreation journey and how it has shaped up to be so different for us millennials compared to those of our mothers. Many of us juggle multiple roles within our personal and professional lives, including demanding careers that often spill outside the boundaries of 9-5. On the flip side, there is a lot more guidance and information available out there but I have often felt like there is too much of it. And while we have more power through the information age, we do not have enough hands on, helpful help in our busy, scattered lives.

As a Bangladeshi immigrant living in the UK without family + a mat leave panned out for whatever comes first: baby or the penultimate Friday before D Day, the challenges of being pregnant as a full-time engineer and homemaker was not always easy. Even though I got pregnant at 28, an age where my mother had already borne three children, I found out that I knew almost nothing about anything to do with this process. The vast amount of research, education and knowledge my clueless husband and I have had to acquire to prepare for parenthood has left me a bit bewildered and seriously overwhelmed. At the time of writing this, I am 37 weeks pregnant and feel more like a leaky sponge than a confident mum-to-be as I try to assimilate breastfeeding advice from new mum friends while mentally archiving Tommee Tippee manuals.

No matter how scared or unprepared I felt throughout these nine months, I always felt gratitude more strongly. Through the seemingly endless prepping, the all-consuming tiredness, the interrupted sleep, and the perpetual cloud of baby brain hanging low over me, pregnancy has been the most wonderful journey. I KNOW I will miss it a LOT. I feel like a whole new, wholesome me for having survived this far and cannot wait to finish this journey to begin the next one. My appreciation for mums, and parents in general, have grown a thousandfold.

I have found support to be a KEY factor in pregnancy and I imagine it’s the same postpartum, if not more. Many times I have relied on mummy blogs to get through tough days and felt connected to people I have never even met. This made me want to join the wonderful mummy community so that I can do my small part for the mummy next door – or continent.

I am terribly excited to see the face of my little and write obsessively about him and us. I want to remember the elation of the first scan, discuss realities of mat leave (can I really afford a year off?) fess up on the struggles of excessive weight gain and obsess over the thrill of baby kicks as he/she insists on playing the Olympics from the depths of mummy’s tummy. I hope to keep it real and honest. And enjoy and cherish this beautiful ride!



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